The dog was unable to escape the dirty puddle on its own beсаuse its body was completely immobile

When rescue workers came across a dog stranded in a murky puddle filled with trash and debris, they were overwhelmed with emotion. But their actions in the moments that followed warmed the hearts of many and restored faith in humanity.

The harsh reality is that life on the streets can be a brutal experience for pets. There are countless stories and cases that demonstrate this truth.

In this particular situation, the dog was unable to escape the dirty puddle on its own. The rescuers knew they had to act quickly to save the animal’s life.

Jeevith’s story is a powerful reminder of the struggles that abandoned dogs and cats face and the importance of taking action to protect them.

The dog was in a dire condition, unable to move or even respond to stimuli. She was completely paralyzed, and her condition was critical. The rescuers knew they had to act fast to save her life.

This was a dire situation for the dog, and things could have become even worse if she had been left lying in the dirty puddle. Not only was her paralysis a serious concern, but the dirty water also put her at risk of infection and other health complications. The rescuers knew they had to move quickly to get her out of the puddle and provide her with the medical care she needed.

In her state of helplessness, the dog was also dehydrated, malnourished, and sick. The harsh living conditions left her vulnerable to parasites and other pests.

While the rescue footage is difficult to watch, the images of her recovery will undoubtedly warm the hearts of many. Despite the harsh start of her life, the dog was given a second chance and was able to receive the care and attention she needed to recover.

Jeevith was lucky to have been found by a kind-hearted person who immediately reported her condition on Facebook. This drew the attention of a local rescue organization called Kannan Animal Welfare in Uttar Pradesh, India. They knew that time was of the essence and acted quickly to provide the dog with the urgent care she needed.

In a Facebook post, the rescue organization provided an update on Jeevith’s condition. They wrote: “We found Jeevith in a state that is impossible to describe without tears. She was half-devoured by worms, motionless, and waiting for the end of her life. She hadn’t eaten for days and the dirty water had made her skin very sensitive. She had lost an eye to worms and her body was riddled with 22 holes.” Despite her paralysis, depression, and weakness, Jeevith never gave up fighting for survival.

The rescuers knew that Jeevith’s condition was severe and that her survival would depend on their determination and effort. Her body was covered in injuries caused by parasites, which had caused serious damage, particularly to one of her eyes. Despite this, the rescuers were determined to save her and did not give up. Though they were unable to save her right eye, they did not let that setback stop them from working towards her recovery.

The rescuers faced a lot of obstacles and challenges in Jeevith’s recovery. Many vets they took her to suggested euthanasia to end her suffering, but the rescuers were determined to save her. They provided her with round-the-clock care and love, and after four months of dedicated effort, Jeevith began to recover and transform into the healthy and happy dog she is today.

The rescue organization named her Jeevith which means “One Who Lives” and it couldn’t have been more fitting for her incredible recovery and strong determination. Eventually, Jeevith was adopted by a loving family in Canada and now lives with her family and two canine friends.

Jeevith’s story is a reminder of the power of second chances and the importance of never giving up on the most vulnerable animals. She continues to inspire the rescue organization in their mission to save other animals like her and remind the world that even in the darkest days, there is always a glimmer of hope.

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