The һᴜпɡгу and very weak dog begged for help from someone to stay alive

A weak and frail dog was spotted begging for help in the streets. Her health was in a delicate state, and she couldn’t endure the suffering of hunger and helplessness for much longer.

Bali, an Indonesian island, is known for its beauty, but it also has a significant problem with abandoned dogs. It’s common to see stray dogs wandering the streets. The government has been trying to control the situation by taking anti-rabies measures, but some citizens and shelter workers have taken matters into their own hands.

Many people have attempted to give these poor puppies a decent life, but unfortunately, they don’t have the resources to take care of all the animals that are abandoned or mistreated.

In Bali, the Hindu faith is widely practiced, and within its beliefs is the important figure of Yudhishthira, a king who reached heaven with his dog. Because of this history, many people believe that adopting puppies is a way to get to heaven. A beautiful example of this is the story of a husky that was found by Rico Soegiarto wandering the streets, malnourished, and mistreated.

When Rico first saw the puppy, it had bald spots and was extremely thin, so thin that its bones could be seen. It seemed like the dog did not have many days left to live. But despite its critical condition, its blue eyes sparkled with hope, and Rico knew he had to give it a second chance. The dog finally received the help it had been waiting for.

“I don’t know what was so special about her, it’s about heart and feelings. I found her while I was coming home from work, she was lying in the middle of the street,” Rico said.

After providing her with care, good food, and lots of love for days, Rico shared pictures of her recovery process. It is impressive to see how the dog, who was only “skin and bones,” managed to transform completely, showing that love makes everything possible and that it is always worth giving animals suffering from helplessness a chance.

The dog was completely transformed, and it is heartening to see the record of this story in pictures. It is amazing to see how this little girl improved, thanks to the kindness of a human being who deserves recognition and admiration for their valuable work.

“She loves receiving affection and eating cookies. She is so sociable that she sometimes worries me, because in Bali there are many thieves,” Rico said jokingly.

This lucky little dog is now safe with Rico, who also has four other puppies and is a dedicated animal lover. She decided to name the husky “Hope,” which in English means hope.

This is a beautiful message, as it teaches us that for stray dogs in Bali or anywhere in the world, hope is us. We are the only ones who can help improve their lives and over time we will understand that they are the ones who heal us of all ills. It is important that we don’t have an indifferent attitude towards the plight of dogs that are on the streets or waiting for the opportunity to be adopted.

The dog Hope made a full recovery, and we celebrate the outcome of this rescue, which against all odds, was a great success.

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