People are getting afraid in using public toilets because of HIV infection

February 11th, 2018 | OTHER

People are getting afraid in using public toilets because of HIV infection

Bangaramou (Unnao) : People have been apprehensive after the many cases of HIV infection have been reported in the Bangaramau area of ​​Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh in the past. The situation is that people are being prevented from open defecation due to fear. In a village of Prem Ganj area, where 38 cases of HIV were found positive, most of the houses did not have toilets. At the same time some influential people of the village are preventing such HIV infected people from being exposed to the open. Gangadin (54) is infected with HIV and is forced to stay in the remote outskirts of Prem Nagar with his families. His only wish is to make a toilets in his house so that he can stop himself from being exposed to the open and preventing the powerful people of the village from hitting.Gangadin says, "We can not use the fields of land because they fear that the infection will spread there too." Another HIV infected Bhanu (45) says, "Rich and wealthy people are building toilets in their homes but we can not afford it." After the cases of HIV infection have been reported in Bangaramou, 49 of them have been treated for treatment at the ANTI Retro Viral Therapy (ART) Center in Kanpur. It is alleged that due to the treatment of Chhalachach doctor, Rajendra Yadav, they had HIV infection which used to use the infected syringe for injection. 'Is the toilet just for the rich?' "We do not have toilets in our homes," says 60 year-old HIV-infected ecstasy. For defecation, we have to go around the farms or railway tracks. Powerful people prevent us from using the fields, while the RPF (Railway Protection Force) registers a case against us for polluting the rail tracks. It seems that the toilet is for the rich and not for the poor like us. ' 'Threat to our future generation' An influential farmer from the village said that he can not allow HIV infected people to use his farms. He says, 'They have already ruined our lives. Now if we allow them to use the farm then HIV virus will spread in the fields and it will ruin our next generation. Local councilor Sunil Kumar said, "They have received many complaints related to it and in this case, the district administration will recommend the construction of toilets in the houses of HIV-infected people."

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