Pаrаlуsed Dog Growled & Bаrƙed, But Pаtienсe Brought а Sweet Rewаrd

Healing this beautiful boy took almost half a year, but wow, it was definitely worth it.

We are not sure what caused this sweetheart’s injury. His spine was hurt and he couldn’t stand. His legs were limp and useless and someone had loosely tied them together.

It seemed as though he had a story to tell. At first, rigid with pain, he merely endured his initial assessment, but ate with so much relaxed enthusiasm that we named him Comfy.

However, feeling a bit better, he let us know that perhaps we had named him “Comfy” too soon.

He told us we were not welcome to touch him.

He growled and barked and kept it up for a while. We knew that without physiotherapy,

he might never walk again, but how could we manage it if he wouldn’t let us touch him?

Watch Comfy’s transition from paralyzed and frustrated to becoming fully mobile, happy and…a comfortable bundle of love.

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