Lucknow Mayor Promised Soon There Will Be No Garbage On The Roadsides

March 9th, 2018 | POLITICS

Lucknow Mayor Promised Soon There Will Be No Garbage On The Roadsides

Sanyukta Bhatia, Mayor of Lucknow Municipal Corporation came to know about the civic problems that are going on among the people of Lucknow. She received a booklet in which in which all the necessary complaints were written, which she ensured that soon actions will be taken against all the complaints by Lucknow Municipal Corporation. Mayor made a promise on Friday that the city will be soon free from roadside garbage dumps. Bhatia said, “she wished to be remembered as a mayor who was not afraid of taking tough decisions for public welfare”. The civic problems of Lucknow, which residents have told through letters, were handed over to the mayor, in the form of a booklet, by eminent citizens of the city. She asserted that the days of dumping waste in the open were over as she had directed officials to shift dumps to places away from roads and from where trucks could pick up and transport waste to landfill sites. “I have also directed officials to install compactors in which waste can be treated and turned into manure,” said Bhatia. With this move, the bad odor, which used to emanate from waste on roadsides, will no more affect residents. It will be beneficial for the environment, too. Compactors have already been placed at more than 20 points. These compactors will convert waste into manure and thus earn money for LMC,” said Bhatia. “Even when I was not a mayor, I always used to feel bad about the huge waste dumps on roadsides. I used to complain to the authorities but nothing was done. I am someone who loves cleanliness, whether it is my home or my city, so when I became mayor I pledged to make my city clean,” she said. Bhatia added: “I have directed all zonal officers to stop spreading filth on roadsides and search a suitable place to dump waste.” She also spoke on pink toilets at public places, house tax reforms, better co-ordination between departments when it comes to road cutting, street lights, and safety of women.

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