Humanity Is On The Verge Of Death

March 4th, 2018 | CRIME

Humanity Is On The Verge Of Death

The continuous bombing raids on civilians in Syria has proved that the world is going to be in humanitarian crisis soon. The Syrian civil war of Assad's forces and the rebels has trapped thousands of Syrian civilians in between, and it is killing, injuring, maiming innocent men, women and children alike. Here are some proofs that starightly shows end of humanity on this planet. Humanity is on the verge of dying a slowing death. With lakhs of people are trapped in Syria’s war-torn areas, they have little to no access to food, medicine or sanitary supplies. Some glimpse of slow deaths in Syria which shows humanity is going to end soon :-

Children scarred for life

As bombs are stealing away the innocence of Syrian Children’s. Scars on their bodies shows how immensely this is affecting the minds of young infants who has no idea what is going on in front of them.

Landmines in homes

The residents who are desperate to return to their land of home are being brutally killed by the attackers and hidden landmines. Under piles of rubble, behind old refrigerator doors, in blown-out buildings, IS has made sure that death marks its presence everywhere.

500 deaths within just 7-days

In less than a week of bombardament, the death rates have totally rose to 500. The council, along with backing from Russia, has voted unanimously to demand the truce without any delays. This clearly shows that if it is going to be in the same way in which it is going soon people will going to have a trouble in making a trust on humans.

Chemical warfare and starvation

After destroying the hospitals, markets, mosques and even schools. It is impossible for civilians to have their meals on a regular basis. If starving children was not enough they have also introduced chemical warfare, fatally citizens in a country with little medical attention.

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