Height of “Vellapanti” Even Single Girl’s won't appreciate this Nonsense

February 12th, 2018 | OTHER

Height of “Vellapanti” Even Single Girl’s won't appreciate this Nonsense

A guy named Shakul from Haryana has recently crossed every possible limit of being “Vella” On this Valentine’s Day. For all the Single girls he has shared the list of packages and promo codes which you can use to Hire him on this Valentine’s Day. This year Shakul is back at it again with an even higher quotient of weirdness. This time he has offered himself up as a boyfriend for rent for a day for all the single ladies out there. And it doesn't just end there. You can choose from a set of four packages ranging from 'holding hands and putting arms around the shoulder' to 'ANYTHING YOU WANT'.  Also, if you're strapped for money, you can use the promo code 'RICH GUY' and get a discount of 20%. Shakul literally made it to the public to make his post get noticed by thousands of people and he came up with unique packages. The details are a follows : Package 1: Holding hands & putting arms around the shoulders. Package 2: Holding hands, putting arms around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks & forehead. Package 3: Holding hands, putting arms around the shoulders, hug, kiss on cheeks, forehead, and lips. Package 4: ANYTHING YOU WANT. He also went ahead and tried to make it more relatable by providing baits and discounts. Bio, do's and things that he can't do. He's a 26-year-old Sagittarius who is willing to cook, watch Netflix, be your makeup model and be the guy your friends and family likes. Things that he cannot do for you: - Defend you from cockroaches - Fashion talk - Eat seafood - Beauty talk Shakul comes out as a Sakht guy who is willing to try different personas for you. 1. Christian Grey. 2. Billionaire Playboy. 3. Gay. 4. Innocent guy. 5. Sweet lover. 6. Bad boy. Now, This is what we call it a weirdness on another level. Guy is ready to be you everything on this Valentine’s Day. Now, up to you girls wanna make him your Valentine or just want to laugh on him as he has showed himself and ready to please you in every possible manner.

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