95% Of Indian Males Hate Putting Condoms While Having Sex

March 5th, 2018 | OTHER

95% Of Indian Males Hate Putting Condoms While Having Sex

Indian males seems to have a problem in using condoms while making out. India a country largely famous for its culture, rituals, colors, ethics and how can we forget highest in terms of population. Here, couples seems to have a major trouble in using condoms while making out. According to the National Family Health Survey, at least 95% people in India do not like using condoms. In an open survey among the people of India, Durex came out with this shocking ratio and tweeted about it. Later, everybody started sharing their views as they find it a better way to share their feelings. Well, that one tweet turned into a hot topic with #HateCondoms trending on Twitter. rtjhr Here are some comments on the Facebook page Of Durex, which clearly shows that Men prefer natural sex over safe sex : 1.“Sex is a taboo subject in India and anything related to it. It's ironic how India is the land of Kamasutra. The government doesn't promote Sex Education in schools. Even teachers in many schools tend to avoid the chapters related to human reproduction. This is the reason sex being a taboo subject is also the major obsession for youth and not in a good way. Such is the sad reality” 2.“We like safe sex with wife or one partner only. So no condom. Withdrawal method to avoid pregnancy”. 3.“Because in most of the states condoms are available only in medicine stores. If u want all the citizens to use it then make it available everywhere, I mean even in pan shops” 4.“Because safety isn't really an issue, a lot of people are seen riding bikes without helmets, if you know what i mean". 5. “Because of lack of sex education. They doesn't get it sex as choice. They just think it's mandatory after marriage and curse before marriage. They don't take it necessity, they think it as a shameful act”. As we can see here everyone has their opinions on the use of condoms. Since we live in a country where things like these usually don’t bother people when asked personally but if you ask them on a public platform you get replies as if you have broken a Law of Nature or something.

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