6 Reasons Why Every College Student Should Attend Youth Festivals

February 11th, 2018 | OTHER

6 Reasons Why Every College Student Should Attend Youth Festivals

College life is not just about attending classes - it is one of the most crucial phases of anyone's life. During the college period, students experience many different things and learn from it. Since their freshman year until the time of graduation, they make many memories. Some even take initiative and become a part of the college's internal committee organizing events and youth festivals. Adding value to a student's learning experience, cultural festivals have been on the rise since the last decade. They are the most effective way of bringing the youth together on the same platform, boosting social interaction and exchanging of many ideas and concepts. Every year, college festivals engage a large number of students, capturing their interests, that vary from music, food, film, comedy, art, and literature. If you haven't been to a college youth festival, we have six perfect reasons why you should: Workshops The youth festivals aren't just about dance, food, and entertainment. Several workshops take place where students get to learn new skills like networking, self-defence, web designing, theatre, coding, etc. Through workshops, you get to learn the latest technologies and updates from some top-notch instructors. Literature and Arts Another major highlight of a youth festival is literary arts where the creativity of students is explored. Many events such as storytelling, model making, best out of waste, collage making, open mic, etc. are organised by college societies. MUN Model United Nations, also known as MUN is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and other UN committees. This activity enables the participants to sharpen their skills in researching, public speaking, debating, writing, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. Competitions Competitions are the most exciting part of youth festivals, and if you're lucky and skilled, you might even win big. Many college festivals have competitions related to photography, filmmaking, dancing, a battle of bands, and eGames. Some youth festivals also feature real-life sports like street-soccer and gully-cricket. Fashion show 6 Reasons Why Every College Student Should Attend Youth Festivals. No matter what college festival you're attending, there's always a fashion show. In this show, the most beautiful faces step out on the ramp and groove to the beats of music. Undoubtedly, a fashion show is one of the major highlights of a youth festival. EDM night What's better than having an amazing night out while the DJ plays all the latest jams and mixes? Youth festivals usually have some iconic celebrities from the music industry to make the students dance to the beat and experience an incredible DJ night.

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